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What are my options for color and thickness?

We have the ability to create concrete in any color, but prefer the natural colors ranging from white to black with a variety of gray temperatures. We have samples of these colors so you can see them in person.

Our standard countertop thickness is 1.5 inches, but we are able to customize your project to your desired look and have done countertops up to 4" thick. 

Our concrete products are 100% handcrafted using natural products, pigments, and oxides. As with any piece of art, variances in color and texture may occur as creating architectural concrete combines both art and science. Slight color variations are standard within the industry and are widely thought to be one of the many aesthetically pleasing elements of our concrete. 


Why would I choose concrete over natural stone or other synthetic products?

With concrete, the creative possibilities are unlimited. Unlike granite or marble, concrete begins in a fluid state, which allows us to build custom forms to perfectly fit your unique space. We can cast our concrete into structurally sound shapes that may be cost-prohibitive or altogether impossible using other materials.

Our finished products exude warmth and even softness. There is a comfortable, livable feeling to the pieces that we create, which is entirely distinct from the colder glossiness of stone or the sterility of some petroleum-based countertop materials. The enhanced “visual texture” created by our proprietary techniques and the inherent natural beauty of our products rival all other alternatives on the market.

Best of all, the remarkable versatility of concrete lends itself to truly one-of-a-kind projects. At Artifact Mfg, all of our concrete products are artistically designed and handcrafted to your specifications. Each project is essentially a custom piece, shaped by your creative input to reflect your individuality and personal style.

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