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Is the sealer food safe?

Our sealer is a water-based, non-emitting penetrating sealer in accordance with the USDA regulations 9 CFR Section 416.4 and the Food Safety Inspection Service’s “Sanitation Performance Compliance Guide.” It has ultra-low VOC, similar to water.


What makes our sealer superior to others?

Our sealer uses chemical reactive technology that impregnates and molecularly alters the concrete to create a hardened, crystal-like surface. 

Our sealer has a high resistance to etching from acidic products such as wine or lemons and is extremely stain-resistant.


How often will my concrete need to be resealed?

The sealer manufacturer recommends resealing every 5-7 years; but this varies with use. We recommend more frequent sealing for a high use commercial bar and less frequent resealing for a lower use application. Resealing is a quick and inexpensive process. 

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