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Hello. Welcome to Artifact Mfg. Although we are a small family business, we are establishing a reputation in the Dayton and Cincinnati region for the quality of our concrete craftsmanship, our integrity with clients, and our unmatched customer service. We believe that our commitment to the way we do business has earned us the trust of those we've had the privilege to work with along the way.

We utilize state-of-the-art techniques and the highest quality materials to achieve an ultra-dense and highly reliable concrete product. Through training with the some of the most successful artisans in North America, and using science as much as artistry, we are continuously refining our core product and innovating new alternatives for our customers.


We work closely with our customers to craft pieces that meet their aesthetic, functional and budgetary requirements, and it is our belief that our work is improved by the vision and critique of others. We value our relationships with many colleagues in the arts, design, building, manufacturing and other professions, with whom we continue to dialogue and collaborate to further improve our craft. 

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